We understand that there are times when someone wishes to sell their home on their own. Our goal is to assist that seller with certain aspects and offer exposure they wouldn’t normally achieve while still allowing that freedom. If this doesn’t work out only then will the listing convert into an exclusive listing agreement.*


We are proud to offer this innovative hybrid seller’s program offering the best of two worlds. Think of it as For Sale By Owner done better.


Here’s how it works:


You’ll pay a fee based upon the list price of your home. This ranges from $950-$3000. What does that include? A lot more than you'd expect:

  • 30-minute staging consultation

  • 10 professional photos (a real professional, not just us with a fancy camera)

  • A gorgeous, post-hung sign

  • A sign rider with your phone number

  • 1 Bluetooth lockbox, accessible only by licensed Realtors. This is important for your safety!

  • Centralized Showing Service appointment coordination. Approve showings and see feedback instantly.

  • A full listing on MLS which populates to numerous other sites, worldwide

  • 20 full-color and beautifully designed flyers

  • 1 Facebook feature and 2 Instagram features

  • A curated portfolio of forms tailored specifically for your home and situation  

We have a short selection of specialized add-ons if you’d like to further customize your experience. Selections include: dusk photographyvirtual staging, custom floor plans, transaction coordination, and 3D rendering.

*If your home does not sell in 60 days as For Sale By Owner, then, on day 61, we will convert this into an "traditional" listing at the discounted rate of 5% (2% for us, 3% for the buyers agent), and you will get a credit for your flat fee at closing.


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